Antidepressant Drug Zoloft

Zoloft (generic name Sertraline) is one of the many types of SSRI’s that are given to adults who suffer from major depressive disorders and for both adult and children with panic and anxiety disorders as well as OCD. It comes second among the most-prescribed antidepressants in the United States. Zoloft has pretty much the same contraindications and side effects as other SSRIs, namely insomnia, dry mouth, lower libido and poor sexual performance, nausea, dizziness, and headaches. It also poses the same risks of birth defects for babies whose mothers take Zoloft while pregnant or are breast feeding.

Zoloft dosage relies upon the condition that it is prescribed for: factors such as the age, extent of the condition, patient’s medical history, and other elements are to be looked at before being given a Zoloft prescription. In addition, doctors should know about their patients’ other medication since these can be adverse effects to the patient if there will be drug interactions. Zoloft should not be taken with MAO inhibitors, other antidepressant drugs, Warfarin, Pimozide, and Cimetidine because it can cause severe side effects and further health complications.

In order to get the best results from Sertraline (and to avoid complications) you should inform your doctors about issues such as kidney or liver disease, bleeding or blood clot disorders, epilepsy, seizures, bipolar disorder and family history of drug use and suicide. Doctors are required to make regular check-ups, especially to patients who are antidepressant for the the first time, since taking antidepressants can increase thoughts of suicide. Sudden mood changes, increasing degrees of anxiety or panic attacks, or worsening or addition of side effects or other mental conditions should immediately be reported to your doctor. This is particularly important if you are prescribed a new antidepressant or you had a change in dosage.


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