Injury and Disability

My Experience in the Justice System

I’m very proud of myself today because I did my bit for justice in the world. No, I didn’t march in a protest or get signatures for an important issue. I didn’t call my congressperson or vote or even voice an opinion, for that matter. All the same, I did my part, and I’m going to take a victory lap here.

How did I do my part, I hear you asking, internet person. Well, internet, I testified in a lawsuit. That’s right. I put on my best suit, I bought a new tie, I combed my hair for once, and I testified. I didn’t actually testify in court. It was just in a lawyer’s office, and there wasn’t a judge there to urge me on or a hardened criminal to stare me down, just a lawyer and a table and a couple cups of coffee. They did record my testimony though, so I think it counts, even if it wasn’t quite how they do it in the movies.

I was called upon to do my duty because I witnessed an accident a few months ago, and there’s a lawsuit going forth with one party suing the other party. I don’t know any of the people or the actual circumstances, but they needed me to testify for the record.

I don’t know if I was much help to anyone, I hope I helped the victim at least. I told them I wasn’t even sure what exactly I had seen. I was behind the crash, and I saw an SUV swerve and crash into the car in front of it, but I don’t really know if the SUV caused the crash or something the car ahead did cause it. They didn’t press me too hard on that point, though, they just wanted me to tell what I saw.

I drove by the crash slowly afterward, and I saw the two vehicles were totaled. Otherwise, all I remember is it was misty but not yet raining, so the road was a little wet but not too wet.

They seemed satisfied afterward.

Regardless, they were actually satisfied or not, it did feel good to do something so important. They were quite nice and straightforward in the office, and it went quickly. The coffee was good too.

So, now I have officially done my civic duty for the day, which I think ought to put me in good stead with the civic authorities (or whoever is keeping count) for the foreseeable future.

I hope this doesn’t mean I get more jury duty notices. That’s maybe a little too much participation in the justice system for me.

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The Basics of Temporary Total Disability Benefits

Temporary total disabilities can be more than stressful for the disabled person involved, especially if the person’s profession is with an hourly rate. Suffering from an injury that renders you temporarily but totally disabled is terribly inconvenient for all involved and if whatever caused the disability is work-related, you are more than entitled into applying for temporary total disabilities benefits.

What is a temporary total disability? Well, it’s all in the name really. This simply means that for a determined amount of time, you not able to perform your professional duties at all. You may have broken a bone or have been paralyzed for a little while, or maybe some other condition entirely. The word ‘temporary’ implies, however, that you will eventually recover and will be able to return to your duties.

A sick leave can be taken, wherein you are given a few paid days when you are allowed to take it easy and rest for a while before returning to work. There are some instances, however, when a few days will not cover the kind of recuperation that your body requires and the disability will need weeks or even months or years before the person suffering can return to his or her regular, day-to-day life.

The process with which to acquire these benefits is sometimes already taken care of by the employers in question since, according to the website of Hankey Law Office P.C., disabilities and personal injury situations are covered by insurance policy upon employment. Thus, these issues can often be dealt with.

However, this is not always the case and these procedures can be quite tiring and complicated. A person already suffering disability is already susceptible to discomfort of the highest degree as well as distress from being unable to do anything about the injury. Acquiring the expert help of legal professionals could save a lot of time and effort that could be better spent on getting better instead.

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