Cooking at home has been shown to improve health and happiness. While eating out or grabbing fast food can be a convenient occasional solution to busy schedules, the grease and salt in fast food are extremely unhealthy. Additionally, the cost of sit-down restaurants can tighten your belt as well as your budget!

But there are a couple of problems with cooking at home. For many, cooking requires skills and equipment that some simply do not possess or know. However, this problem can be remedied quickly through online searches of cooking tutorials and cheap(er) starter equipment.

For others, the problem of cooking at home is an absence of adequate space to cook comfortably. Smaller kitchens can feel cramped, especially within a small house or living space. A variety of solutions exist, including organization tools to free up space within your kitchen. Additionally, some recipes can be modified to be cooked in only pot or pan, making it much easier to make in a small kitchen.

However, an ingenious solution to cramped quarters is becoming increasingly popular: cooking in an outdoor kitchen! Outdoor kitchens contain all of the necessary tools to create great food. With the right sunset and the perfect recipe, all of the hassles and anxieties around cooking can melt away!

Food Prep Area

Daybreaker Landscapes installs and creates outdoor kitchens (and their awesome features!) for people in the Chicago area. As they describe on their website, it is important for there to be several feet of counter space for people to chop, cut, and prepare food before putting it on the grill. Not having enough preparation area could lead to the same problems that people have with indoor kitchens.

Storage areas in outdoor kitchens may differ from storage areas in regular kitchens, just because it is not common to keep a lot of ingredients in outdoor kitchens — or at least, the same amount of ingredients you would keep in an indoor kitchen. However, there will likely be a need for at least a small refrigerator and some side cabinets.

Cooking/Grilling Areas

Obviously, the most common method of actually cooking food in outdoor kitchens is through grills. Grills are the tool most commonly associated with outdoor cooking in general, especially as it relates to barbeques.

There are several types of grills on the market that can be used in outdoor kitchens professionally installed by businesses like Daybreaker Landscapes. I am not an expert in this field, however, so I just know the brief basics: there are propane or gas grills, charcoal grills, and electric grills.

Electric grills are relatively less popular than gas and charcoal grills and are sometimes shunned by traditionalists. However, all of the different types of grills vary in quality and price. No matter a person’s beliefs, an expensive and high-quality electric grill will cook better than a cheap or barely-functioning charcoal grill.

No matter how much counter space you have at your disposal, or what type of grill you choose to have installed, outdoor kitchens are a unique solution to the problem of cramped indoor cooking. Give it a try!