The verdict is in for the top ranking cities for fashion, and New York City has outscored Paris by a hair. At least, that is according to the annual report by Global Language Monitor, a company that specializes in analyzing Internet traffic to derive current information.

But fashion is hardly something you can reduce to numbers. Being the most popular in terms of hits is hardly the same as being the most influential when it comes to fashion. The word “fashion” itself suggests fickleness, so these numbers can be as representative of influence as a person’s vital statistics describes character.

It is only historically that we can see which cities have the deepest impact in the fashion world, and in fact, New York City does come into the list, but not as the penultimate. Most people would agree that Paris is the center of fashion, and indeed, it has been so for more than 300 years. But this should be qualified; it is the center of haute couture or high fashion. For more robust tastes, they turn to Milan where the top Italian designers are based getting ready for their next foray for fashion week.

And then we have London, where the culture mix is reflected in the eclectic feel of much of its seasonal offerings, ranging from almost traditional to the funky. This is something that can also be seen in the fashion scene of New York City, but perhaps in a more in-your-face style.

But if you prefer quirky often bordering on the bizarre, you will want to head out to the fashion districts of Shibuya and Harajuku in Tokyo. Not haute couture, perhaps, but equally interesting.

So the next time someone tries to convince you that a city with the right numbers qualifies as the top fashion capital of the world, feel free to challenge his or her fashion sense. It is, after all, a matter of perspective.